Top 10 Must-Visit Entrepreneur Websites for Startup Founders

January 30, 2024

Top 10 Must-Visit Entrepreneur Websites for Startup Founders

When it comes to starting and growing a business, having access to the right resources and insights can make all the difference. In this article, we'll explore the top 10 must-visit entrepreneur websites for startup founders. These websites have been carefully selected based on their relevance, usability, and impact within the startup community. While there are countless other valuable resources out there, these 10 websites stand out for their valuable content, tools, and guidance for entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey.

Key Takeaways on Must-Visit-Entrepreneur Websites

  1. Addvocate: Addvocate emphasises the power of storytelling, social proof, and testimonials for engaging entrepreneurs. Founders can refine strategies with A/B testing and utilise the platform's tools to ensure their message resonates authentically.
  2. BuildZoom: BuildZoom provides a user-friendly platform for startup founders seeking contractors. Its clear interface and detailed contractor profiles ensure informed decisions throughout the construction or renovation process.
  3. OnStartups: OnStartups offers a wealth of resources tailored to various startup stages, focusing on innovation, policies, and financial strategies. The platform serves as a daily dose of motivation, guiding entrepreneurs towards achieving their startup dreams.
  4. e27:  e27 is a comprehensive platform offering daily insights into Asia's startup landscape. It not only delivers the latest news but also connects entrepreneurs to a strong community, providing support and tools for success.
  5. Microsoft for Startups Blog: Targeting B2B startup founders, Microsoft for Startups Blog offers access to cloud services, guidance from experts, networking opportunities, and insights into emerging tech trends. Diversity and inclusion are key focuses for success.
  6. TechPluto: Dynamic Coverage and Exposure: TechPluto stands out by covering the latest tech and startup news while providing exposure opportunities for emerging startups. Entrepreneurs can expect a blend of news, reviews, and chances to showcase innovative products.
  7. Startup Professionals Musings: This blog, authored by seasoned professionals, distils complex business concepts into practical and strategic advice. Whether you're a first-time founder or seasoned entrepreneur, the insights guide you through building a startup.
  8. For Entrepreneurs: For Entrepreneurs offers a structured approach with a 35-step guide, practical tips, and insights on common mistakes. The site is a valuable resource for those serious about starting, funding, and growing a successful business.
  9. Ben Horowitz: Ben Horowitz's blog provides unique insights into building major franchises in technology. With a focus on authenticity and resilience, it offers actionable advice on market intelligence, policy, and business development.
  10. This is going to be BIG: PCharlie O'Donnell's blog provides personal narratives and insights from within the venture capital world. With a focus on startups, entrepreneurship, and the VC landscape, it offers valuable information for startup founders.

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1. Addvocate

Addvocate is a platform that understands the importance of storytelling, social proof, and testimonials in engaging the entrepreneurial community. It's a site where startup founders can find resources and insights tailored to their unique needs, emphasising the entrepreneurial mindset and the power of authentic connections.

Fostering authentic connections is not just a buzzword; it's a strategic approach that Addvocate champions. By leveraging tools like A/B testing, founders can refine their marketing strategies to resonate with their audience more effectively.

Addvocate offers a suite of tools and resources designed to help entrepreneurs tell their story in a compelling way, ensuring that their message is heard loud and clear.

Here are some steps to consider when engaging with platforms like Addvocate:

  1. Craft a clear and engaging company profile.
  2. Utilise storytelling to connect with your audience.
  3. Implement A/B testing to optimise your marketing efforts.
  4. Gather and showcase testimonials to build social proof.

2. BuildZoom

For startup founders looking to renovate or build their office space, BuildZoom offers a seamless experience in finding the right contractors. Similar to Angi, BuildZoom stands out with its user-friendly interface and superior performance. Upon visiting the site, you're greeted with a clear call to action: simply enter a service type and your zip code to receive a list of qualified contractors.

BuildZoom's homepage is rich with content, yet remarkably well-organised, making it easy to navigate and find what you need. This platform is not just about connecting you with contractors; it's about ensuring you make informed decisions with the best possible outcomes for your projects.

BuildZoom is a testament to the power of simplicity and functionality in web design, catering to the needs of busy entrepreneurs.

Here are some key features of BuildZoom:

  • Comprehensive contractor database
  • Intuitive search functionality
  • Detailed contractor profiles and reviews

As you explore the site, you'll discover a wealth of resources to guide you through the construction or renovation process, from start to finish.

3. OnStartups

OnStartups is a treasure trove for entrepreneurs looking to jumpstart their business ideas. It's a hub where you can find a plethora of resources tailored to the various stages of a startup's lifecycle. Make sure to research and be diligent to find the best fit for your business needs.

The platform offers insights into innovation, policies, and financial strategies that are crucial for becoming a successful entrepreneur. It's like a daily dose of motivation, pushing you further towards achieving your dreams.

OnStartups is not just about starting up, it's about getting smarter at building your thing.

Here are the top 10 tips from successful entrepreneurs for aspiring founders:

  • Identifying passions
  • Exploring industries
  • Setting clear goals
  • Building a strong network
  • Embracing failure
  • Continuous learning

Each tip is a stepping stone to not just launch, but to sustain and grow your startup in a competitive ecosystem.

4. e27

e27 stands as a cornerstone in Asia's vibrant tech ecosystem, connecting entrepreneurs to a wealth of resources and news. Founded in 2007, e27 has evolved from a simple blog to a comprehensive platform offering daily insights into the startup landscape. With a mission to give every startup a fair chance at success, e27 empowers founders with the necessary tools to build and scale their ventures.

Here's what you can expect from e27:

  • Latest news on emerging and disruptive businesses
  • Regular updates with 8 posts per day
  • A strong community of 113K followers

e27 is not just a media platform; it's a gateway to Asia's startup ecosystem, providing unparalleled support to today's creators.

Highlighted among the top contributors to the tech industry, e27 features influential startup founders who are shaping the future. The platform's reach and influence are evident in its ability to spotlight leaders like Artem Moskalev and Daan van Rossum, among others.

5. Microsoft for Startups Blog

The Microsoft for Startups Blog is an invaluable resource for B2B startup founders looking to scale their ventures. With a focus on providing cloud resources and mentoring, this platform is a cornerstone for those on the journey from idea to exit.

Key offerings include:

  • Access to Microsoft's cloud services
  • Guidance from industry experts
  • Networking opportunities with fellow entrepreneurs
  • Insights into emerging tech trends

In today's startup culture, diversity and inclusion are crucial for success. Strategies include networking, education, creating an inclusive environment, promoting equal opportunities, and building diverse teams.

The blog not only delivers practical advice but also emphasises the importance of diversity and inclusion in the tech ecosystem. By fostering an environment where all startups have a fair chance to succeed, Microsoft for Startups Blog stands out as a leader in entrepreneurial support.

6. TechPluto

TechPluto stands out as a dynamic platform that not only covers the latest news and events from the tech and startup industry but also serves as a launchpad for emerging startups. With a focus on a tech-savvy audience, this site is a go-to resource for entrepreneurs looking to showcase their innovative products.

Key Metrics:

  • Followers: 17.1K
  • Posts/Week: 4
  • Domain Authority (DA): 41

TechPluto's strength lies in its ability to provide timely insights and a stage for startups to gain visibility in a competitive market.

Entrepreneurs can expect a blend of news, reviews, and opportunities for exposure, making TechPluto an essential bookmark for those in the startup ecosystem.

7. Startup Professionals Musings

For those seeking a blend of experience and actionable advice, Startup Professionals Musings is a treasure trove. Authored by seasoned business professionals, the blog offers insights that are both practical and strategic. Dive into articles that cover everything from the initial startup idea to scaling your business.

One particularly relevant piece discusses the optimal team composition for a startup in 2024. It suggests a balanced mix of skills, including 3 engineers, 1 designer, and 2 GTM professionals. Moreover, it emphasises the importance of defined roles, recommending that one founder should focus on engineering while another takes charge of GTM.

The blog's strength lies in its ability to distil complex business concepts into digestible, implementable strategies.

Whether you're a first-time founder or a seasoned entrepreneur, the insights from Startup Professionals Musings can guide you through the tumultuous journey of building a startup.

8. For Entrepreneurs

For Entrepreneurs is a treasure trove of resources tailored for startup founders and their teams. It delves into the critical aspects of starting, funding, and growing a successful business. The site is rich with actionable advice, making it a go-to destination for those seeking to navigate the entrepreneurial journey.

Key features of For Entrepreneurs include:

  • A comprehensive 35-Step Guide for Entrepreneurs Starting a Business
  • Practical tips for naming your startup
  • Insights on common mistakes made when pitching to investors
  • Detailed guides on venture capital financings

The website's focus on providing a structured path for entrepreneurs makes it an invaluable asset for anyone serious about building a business from the ground up.

Whether you're in the early stages of forming your company or looking to scale, For Entrepreneurs offers a wealth of knowledge to help you on your way.

9. Ben Horowitz

For startup founders looking to move fast and think big, Ben Horowitz's blog is an indispensable resource. As a co-founder of the renowned venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, Ben provides unique insights into building the next major franchises in technology. His posts, which are updated monthly, offer a wealth of knowledge on topics ranging from innovation to executive and technical talent acquisition.

Entrepreneurs can expect to find actionable advice on market intelligence, policy and regulatory affairs, as well as business development and marketing strategies. The blog's emphasis on authenticity and resilience aligns with the core values that resonate with the entrepreneurial mindset.

The key to success for startup founders is not just in the idea, but in the execution and the continuous adaptation to the market's needs.

With a domain authority of 73, Ben Horowitz's blog is a credible and authoritative source that startup founders should not overlook.

10. This is going to be BIG

For startup founders looking for insights and personal narratives from within the venture capital world, This is going to be BIG is a treasure trove of valuable information. Authored by Charlie O'Donnell of Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, the blog offers a unique perspective on startups, entrepreneurship, and the VC landscape in Brooklyn, New York.

With a consistent output of 5 posts per quarter, readers can expect a steady stream of content that's both informative and engaging. The blog's domain authority (DA) of 51 is a testament to its quality and the value it provides to its audience.

  • Personal blog of Charlie O'Donnell
  • Focus on startups, venture capital, and entrepreneurship
  • Based in Brooklyn, New York
  • 5 posts per quarter
  • Domain Authority: 51

For those on the hunt for a co-founder, resources like '15 Best Websites to Find Co-founders for Startups' can be incredibly helpful. While This is going to be BIG doesn't directly connect founders, it does provide the kind of knowledge that can empower you to make better decisions when building your team.


In conclusion, the world of entrepreneurship is vast and ever-evolving, with countless startup websites vying for attention. While this article highlights 10 must-visit entrepreneur websites for startup founders, it's important to acknowledge that there are many other deserving startups out there. The selection is based on personal experience and observation, and it's inevitable that some noteworthy websites may not be included. The featured websites have caught the author's attention with their unique concepts, user-friendly interfaces, and innovative approaches. As the startup landscape continues to grow, it's exciting to anticipate the emergence of new and promising websites that will further enrich the entrepreneurial journey. This article serves as a snapshot of the current entrepreneurial web landscape, recognizing the standout websites that have made an impression.

Frequently Asked Questions

What criteria were used to select these top 10 startup websites?

The criteria for selecting these top 10 startup websites were based on personal experience, usage, and recognition of the unique features and concepts of each website.

Are there any other startup websites that could have been included in the top 10 list?

Yes, there are many other deserving startup websites that could have been included in the top 10 list, but the selection was based on personal usage, experience, and recognition of standout features.

What makes these startup websites stand out from others?

These startup websites stand out due to their unique concepts, user-friendly interfaces, and innovative features that cater specifically to the needs of startup founders and entrepreneurs.

How frequently are these startup websites updated?

The frequency of updates varies for each startup website, but they strive to provide relevant and up-to-date content, resources, and tools for startup founders and entrepreneurs.

Can startup founders interact with the founders or creators of these websites?

Many of these startup websites provide opportunities for startup founders to interact with the founders or creators through forums, webinars, and networking events.

Are these startup websites accessible to international startup founders?

Yes, these startup websites are accessible to international startup founders and entrepreneurs, and they often provide resources and content relevant to a global audience.