6 Tips To Wrap Up Your Webinar

February 9, 2024

6 Tips To Wrap Up Your Webinar

Webinars are now essential for sharing valuable information and connecting with your audience. Setting off to a good start keeps the audience engaged, but wrapping it up properly also leaves a lasting impression.

A few closing remarks examples can help you end your webinar. Let’s explore some strategies to help you close the webinar formally or with a bang.

Key Takeaways on Wrapping Up Your Webinar

  1. Strategic Q&A Placement: Avoid concluding your webinar with a Q&A session to prevent disruption to closing remarks. Instead, schedule Q&A intervals throughout the webinar to address audience queries effectively.
  2. Reinforce Key Points: Summarise the main takeaways to ensure audience understanding. Offer promo codes related to the topic, motivating attendees to engage further. Reinforcing key points leaves a lasting impression.
  3. Leverage the Power of Stories: Incorporate impactful stories throughout the webinar, evoking emotions like laughter and empathy. A well-rehearsed, relatable story can resonate with the audience long after the webinar concludes.
  4. Memorable Quotes: End with an inspiring quote relevant to the webinar's theme and message. Choose quotes aligned with the webinar's central ideas, ensuring they connect meaningfully with the audience.
  5. Strategic Call To Action (CTA): Conclude with a concise, actionable CTA promoting products or services. Reinforce benefits, create urgency, and guide the audience on the next steps, driving post-webinar engagement.
  6. Appreciation and Incentives: Express gratitude to the audience and offer discounts or freebies. Acknowledge active participants to encourage healthy competition for future webinars, fostering a sense of community and loyalty.
  7. Platform Selection: Choose a fully functional webinar platform that accommodates recording, seamless transitions, and other essential features. A reliable platform reduces the host's workload and minimises technical glitches, ensuring a successful webinar.

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Top Reasons for Properly Closing a Webinar

Taking the time to write an impactful closing webinar script template and delivering it well in a recorded or live webinar allows you to:

  • Express gratitude: A proper closure opens doors to thank your webinar attendees for joining the webinar. This gratitude extends to the guest speakers who offered their insights and everyone who helped in organising the webinar.
  • Address concerns: As you clear up any confusion about the webinar topic, you can end the event properly without making it feel rushed. Make sure to leave questions answered for every person in the audience.
  • Do post-event follow-up: This includes sending surveys that ask for audience feedback on the content, webinar presentations, and how likely they’ll attend the future events you’ll host. Properly closing your webinar helps you generate qualified leads since some audience members might be willing to try your products and services.

How to Give Your Webinar a Memorable Ending

Now that you know why it’s important to end a webinar properly, here are tips on how to do it:

1. Avoid a Q&A session

A Q&A session at the end of the webinar disrupts the closing remarks of the webinar presenters. It may not be able to cater to the audience’s needs. Some may have questions but are hesitant to ask. Some may not have any questions at all. It might drag the webinar instead of wrapping up early.

Schedule the Q&A in the middle of the webinar at specific intervals. This clears confusion among attendees who are closely following the topic.

2. Clearly reinforce key points

Recap the main takeaways of the webinar content to your audience to ensure they understand the topic. Offer promo codes related to the topic so they can engage with the content. Reinforcing the key points will make them leave the webinar more inspired.

3. Harness the power of stories

Stories can leave an impression and touch the hearts of anyone listening to them. Choose the best and most relatable story that aligns with the webinar’s central message. Whether it’s a personal or memorable story, it should evoke various emotions from the audience, like laughter and empathy.

You may also insert a story whenever you like in the webinar if it flows seamlessly with the topic. Rehearse it in advance to deliver it as naturally as possible. A memorable story will remain in the audience's minds and make them remember the message long after the webinar ends.

4. Insert an inspiring quote

Quotes add a powerful and memorable ending to your webinar. Your audience can relate to it with how touching your quote is. The quote can be from a famous person or a generic one that’s been passed down.

When choosing a quote, consider the following:

  • The webinar’s theme: Find a quote that aligns with the main ideas of your webinar. Make sure the quote will connect with the webinar’s lesson that you want your audience to learn.
  • Meaningfulness: The quote’s meaning should be in sync with the webinar’s main message. Choose one that’s easy to remember and understand.
  • Your audience: The quote should reflect your audience. If your participants are working professionals, choose a quote about hard work and perseverance.

5. End with a Call To Action

Often abbreviated as CTA, this is your chance to promote your products and services. Always have a concise CTA all the way through. Here’s how:

  • Make it actionable and specific: State what you want your audience to do. Whether signing up for exclusive content or trying your products, have a clear CTA that spurs them into action.
  • Reinforce the benefit: Remind your audience what they’ll get when they follow the CTA. Align the benefits with the content to make the CTA more attractive.
  • Provide urgency: Make your audience do the action right away when you put your offers in a limited time frame. It should be compelling enough for the audience to see your CTA as urgent.

A strong CTA drives audience engagement and gives them a clear direction on what to do after the webinar agenda.

6. Appreciate your audience

Aside from thanking your audience, show appreciation to them by offering discounts and freebies. This will encourage them to attend another upcoming webinar you will host. Don’t forget to give your most active participants a shout-out for their efforts to boost healthy competition in the upcoming webinar.

Choosing a Fully Functional Platform for a Successful Webinar

Hosting a webinar is quite a challenging task. Take on the challenge by using a platform that accommodates your needs. Pick one that enables webinar recording for on-demand viewing and gives your webinar presentation a seamless transition between slides. Finding a platform that can do all these takes many loads of work from your plate.


Just like a webinar introduction, wrapping up your online session is an important part of your webinar scripts. Deliver your closing spiels naturally and always show your audience that you value their presence and patronage. End the webinar with a memorable quote, a relatable story, or CTAs that will provide more value to your audience.